The Sebastian Hunter Memorial Trust

The Sebastian Hunter Memorial Trust was founded in 2002 by Anna Hunter, Director of Belgravia Gallery, in memory of her son, Sebastian. It was important to Sebastian's family that funds raised and donated in his memory would make a real difference and so it was decided that helping and providing continued support to those suffering from poverty in India (where it affects some 600 million people), would be immediately felt and moreover that investing in education would be key.

Anna, Laura and their family initially decided to sponsor and help rebuild a primary school, located in the rural village of Senji Mottur, one of the poorest villages in Tamil Nadu, India. Since then, over the past fifteen years the charity has grown immensely and now supports over twenty projects in the area and it is estimated that we reach out to over 5,000 children every day.

The Sebastian Hunter Memorial Trust works with some of the poorest communities across South India to eradicate the poverty that affects so many in this country, by empowering young people with education, healthcare and livelihood opportunities on community projects that are truly sustainable. Through our projects, we reach out to those in the tribal hill regions - in centres and rural villages affected by disease, disability, and drought - to empower leaders, build the skills of the next generation, and works towards a poverty-free India.

Over the years, we have been joined in the realisation of our vision by volunteers and partners from across the world, who have helped us build 13 projects in these areas, reaching out to over 5000 people. Amongst these, we work with organisations, such as the Karigiri Leprosy Hospital, helping those affected by this disease to rebuild their lives, MBKG Pannai Orphanage Home, tribal schools in the most remote regions of the Eastern Ghats, and rural schools across the Tamil Nadu region.

The Sebastian Hunter Memorial Trust

Over the past 17 years, Belgravia Gallery has been honoured to be associated with His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales’s Signed Lithographs based on his original watercolour paintings. To date, the Princes’ Charitable Foundation has received over £4 million from the sale of these lithographs.