Halcyon Days - Kingfisher

My continued interest in the kingfisher stems from my childhood. I had a fascination as a young girl with rare breed bird varieties. My family bred many different types of pheasant and game birds for shooting and I was always highly involved in the process. The kingfisher to me as a child was the most seemingly exotic, magnificent native British bird, and to capture a rare glimpse of it on the river Stour where my family had a shooting marsh was always a special sight. I would draw the kingfisher endlessly and repetitively in my childhood sketchbooks. Today I carry on this fascination with this enigmatic, shy little bird in my bronzes. I never tire of finding new ways to portray its characteristics. As I evolve as a person so does my perspective and this shows in the progression and interpretation within my work. 
Within the sculpture Halcyon days I wanted to capture a quality of fragile stillness and poise - that rare moment of observing a kingfisher motionless and observing.  I also wanted there to be a balance and harmony of the overall aesthetic form. 
The name of this sculpture Halcyon days refers to the peace and carefree days of my childhood, watching the kingfishers with my father and the pleasure of filling my sketchbooks with drawings of this beautiful bird simply for the love of it.  

Bronze, Edition of 9
168cm x 63cm x 55cm approximately