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A lenticular print is made by printing an "interlaced" image, (digitally cut and reassembled in vertical strips), behind a sheet of plastic with a series of parallel lenses or lenticules embossed into one surface. When the lens is aligned with the image, the viewer sees only one frame at a time. As the viewing angle changes, each of the images are seen in the planned sequence, creating the illusion of movement, depth or animation.

For over 10 years Gered Mankowitz has been at the forefront of Lenticular fine art prints and has produced over 30 different subjects utilizing this extraordinary process. Generally working in the 6ftx4ft format, which he feels makes best use of the medium, many of Gered’s editions are completely sold out. Over the past year Gered has completed his first 3D Lenticular print of Jimi Hendrix which is now available.

Lenticular, Edition 3/10
186 x 126 cm
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